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Framing Age Message Guide and related resources

By the Southern Melbourne Elder Abuse Prevention Network

The tips and principles in the Framing Age Message Guide will help everyone better understand how to communicate about age, ageing and issues affecting older people in a way that reduces ageist attitudes, stereotypes and behaviours.


Changing perspectives: testing an ageism intervention, 2023

By the Australian Human Rights Commission

New research shows that a brief, one-off ageism awareness session can be highly effective in shifting people’s attitudes and behaviour that may be sustained over time.


Primary Prevention Framework and Guide

By the Eastern Community Legal Centre

The Framework is a high level document that provides a roadmap to guide efforts to address and prevent the abuse of older people in Melbourne’s East.  The Framework seeks to provide consistent messaging and language, and presents a shared framework for action.


National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians (Elder Abuse) 2019 – 2023

Endorsed by the Council of Attorneys-General

The National Plan provides a framework for action over the next four years, to respond to abuse of older people.  It sets out the commitment of the Australian Government and each of the eight state and territory governments to undertake research, provide services, and develop policy and law reforms to address a complex problem in need of a comprehensive response.  These foundations will enable us to better address abuse of older people as our population ages, and the number of older people at risk of abuse increases.


National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study: Australian Government Summary Report, 2021

By the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Australian Government

As part of the National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians, the Attorney-General’s Department commissioned the most extensive empirical examination of elder abuse in Australia to date, the National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study. This report presents the findings of that research program.


Elder abuse prevention and response, Department of Health

By the Victorian Government

In 2006, the Victorian Government established the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Initiative. At this time, an Elder Abuse Prevention Advisory Group was also set up to provide advice to the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Initiative. The advisory group consists of representatives from key sectors and government agencies.


Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria, Seniors Rights Victoria, 2020

By the National Ageing Research Institute in partnership with Seniors Rights Victoria

This report provides an analysis of advice calls undertaken by Seniors Rights Victoria advocates and lawyers over a seven-year period (July 2012 to June 2019).  The analysis considers demographic information and characteristics of clients and the alleged perpetrators of the abuse, as well as well as information about the type of abuse, risk factors, referrals and outcomes.


Primary Prevention of family violence among older people living in Victoria, Respect Victoria, 2021

By the National Ageing Research Institute for Respect Victoria

This resource details the research undertaken about the drivers of intergenerational family violence among older people, the local strategies developed for prevention, and recommendations for uptake of findings in policy and practice.


What’s age got to do with it, Australian Human Rights Commission 2021

By the Australian Human Rights Commission

This report identifies stereotypes, attitudes and beliefs about age that prevail in Australia, and captures some of the ways in which people in Australia understand and experience their impacts.