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Masterclasses on Framing Age

The masterclasses are designed to build participant skills and confidence in applying the values-based messaging approach detailed in the Framing Age Message Guide.  These interactive and engaging workshops will help you learn how to use the tips and principles in your setting and gain confidence in developing messages about age and ageing that are positive and help reduce ageist beliefs.

The Masterclasses are facilitated by Mark Chenery, Director of Common Cause Australia, who researched and developed the content for the Guide.

Self-Paced Learning on Framing Age

The self-paced learning provides an introduction and background on Framing Age in your messaging.

There are three, 30 minute modules that give an overview of the importance of values-based messaging and how you can start to use this technique in your messages about age and ageing.

The modules are free and you can complete them in your own time and at your own pace.

Each module is facilitated by Mark Chenery of Common Cause Australia.