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Framing Age Message Guide

About the Framing Age Message Guide

We all want to live in a world where everyone is respected and celebrated at every age. This builds our confidence and ability to make our own decisions.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. There is an emerging body of evidence that ageist attitudes and behaviours create an environment where elder abuse occurs and leaves people disrespected, undervalued and ignored.  This is usually carried out by someone they know and trust such as a family member, friend or carer. The all-too common examples of older people being excluded from decision making that affects them, or making assumptions about what people can and cannot do based on their age and being stereotyped in the media are all instances of ageism in action.

To reduce the impact of ageism within our community, we engaged Common Cause Australia to develop the Framing Age Message Guide. The research and resulting tips will help everyone better understand how to communicate about age, ageing and issues affecting older people in a way that reduces ageist attitudes, stereotypes and behaviours.

Framing Age Cheat Sheet

Here is a quick summary of our top tips and suggested story structure
for you to hang up above your desk so it’s always front of mind.

1. Use values (not facts) to persuade

2. Emphasise similarities (not differences)

3. Celebrate diversity (not stereotypes)

4. Repeat your story (not myths)

5. Focus on solutions (more than problems)

6. Keep it real (not abstract)

Framing Age Easy Read Booklet


The Easy Read booklet is written in a way that is easy to understand.

It helps us learn how to talk and write about getting older.

It helps us talk and write about getting older in a good way.

You can ask someone to help you read and understand the booklet.


Training Opportunities in Framing Age

Group of people learning online about framing age in communications


If you’re interested in learning how to apply the tips and principles in the Framing Age Message Guide, comprehensive training is available in our free and interactive workshops.

Self-Paced Training

For an introduction on how to apply the tips and principles in the Framing Age Message Guide, the free online training will give you all the basics.  Complete each modules when it suits you.

Community of Practice

If you’ve completed the training and want a safe space to practice implementing the values-based messaging approach, you’re welcome to join the Framing Age Community of Practice.